Mooresville, NC (March 1, 2013) - After a few days to reflect on his run at New Smyrna Speedway, Joey “Mooch” Mucciacciaro has said he is ready to go back and run nine nights straight again!

Racing for the first time in a stock car, Mooch set realistic goals with the Tim Russell Inc. team and planned on running the first few nights as a learning experience. Learning quickly, Mooch went out on night 2 and took home the checkered flag. “To win my second night was a shock,” Mooch said. Finishing out the week, Mucciacciaro collected a total of 2 top 5s and 5 top 10 finishes.

Summing up his experience, Joey said, “I got over six months of experience in one week of racing. Having Mike Calinoff in my ear to spot for me was such a great help, I felt like I knew what I had to do and listening to Mike helped calm me.”

Also, pleased with Mooch’s success was his manager Mike Calinoff. “Joey had a very successful season in Legend cars, so I wanted to challenge his adaptability, while gauging the physical and mental strength it takes to transition to a heavier, high-horsepower stock car. We put him in the best stuff to give him the best chance of success. Racing eight times in nine nights is like a half-season in most late model tours and helps develop a rhythm through continuity.”

“Aside from the results speaking for themselves, he over-achieved in every area. I’m really hard on young drivers — especially if they can’t recognize their own talent and properly channel it. Out of the eight nights in New Smyrna, I only lost my mind once (laughs), and I think I broke a headset –, but I made my point!

“At 15, we’ve got plenty of time to develop him,” Calinoff continued. “We’re gonna progress as he’s ready and as the right opportunities continue to present themselves. But I can say with confidence that “The Mooch” has a better than average chance of making a career at some level of NASCAR.”

For more information on Joey Mucciacciaro, stay tuned to his website, Facebook and Twitter.

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