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140 BUZZ was started in 2009 by NASCAR notable, Mike Calinoff. It was the early stages of the social media boom and Calinoff seized the opportunity bring those platforms to the NASCAR community. Working with race teams and drivers, the business began to grow. What started in a 12×12 single-person office, evolved into something bigger. And then even bigger.

But Calinoff wanted to maintain the principles on which the company was built — providing personalized services to all clients. So in 2013, he streamlined the staff to ten team members. While each client has a point-of-contact, everyone in the company participates with all the clients.

“Companies assign ‘Account Reps’ as a matter of formality,”says Calinoff. “Everyone here works on behalf of each client. It’s a team atmosphere and it works really well — particularly when it comes to brainstorming.”